Experience In Delivering Outcomes

A team of Ex-Military Instructors and highly accomplished Engineers. Our staff have many years of experience, both operationally and at UK MOD training establishments. Our goal - deliver more highly-skilled personnel, in less time, and more cost-effectively than by using legacy methods.

About Close Air Solutions

After many years in the Defence Simulation Industry, Close Air Solutions (CAS) has developed Hyper Real Immersion to address a specific challenge facing the MOD and wider militaries; it has used the JTAC Use Case to illustrate the significant potential benefits associated with this capability. CAS understands if Defence is to capitalise on its high-technology equipment programme, it will need an agile, immersive and responsive training capability to help transform Equipment into credible operational capability.

The spectrum of potential threats is increasing, from established state actors to agile innovative dynamic terrorists, and the complexities of the Information Age are also placing an increased burden on our service personnel. Credible, agile training is required to maintain the operational warfighting advantage. The UK Armed Forces have a rich pedigree of delivering outstanding military operational training - both domestically and for our international partners - CAS is uniquely configured to support the development and exploitation of next generation simulation technology.

Management Team

Thomas Ball - Technical Direction & PM

A former RAF Strike Pilot and Aeronautics & Astronautics Engineer, Tom is charged with the project technical oversight. Contact to discuss potential technical collaboration opportunities.


Dr Jonathan Owen - Chief Engineer

An Aeronautics & Astronautics Engineer, and Engineering Doctorate. Jon is the project technical lead managing integration and development of bespoke applications.


Michael Squires - International Exploitation

A former RAF Strike Pilot and Aerospace Engineer, his focus is on exploitation paths for international customers. Contact Mike to explore opportunities in joining the Hyper Real Immersion journey.


Project Stakeholders

There are a wide range of stakeholders involved in this exciting initiative each representing a different aspect of UK MOD interest - from the user community, project team, exploitation and innovation, all are working closely with Close Air Solutions to deliver success.