Hyper Real Immersion is a UK MOD co-funded project to transform operational training using mixed reality (MR) technology.

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What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality (MR) allows a user to concurrently exist in real and simulated worlds, with synthetic objects appearing alongside and interacting with real objects. For example, a virtual tank could appear on the real terrain, motion could produce virtual dust clouds, and the tank could be destroyed by either real or virtual detonations. This is considered an extension of augmented reality, where a level of immersion comparable to virtual reality is achieved in a live environment.

Change training ethos

UK MOD and Close Air Solutions see considerable potential in mixed reality to transform the operational training landscape. Hyper Real Immersion seeks to use mixed reality to change the current training ethos and mentality, and to capitalise on the inherent benefits of both live and synthetic training environments

Enhance training to be operationally realistic

The use of multiple air effects and mass of multi-battery, mixed calibre ordnance, will be achievable by mixing live fires with those available in MR. The traditional live targets can now be augmented with realistic synthetic targets manoeuvring in the correct manner under camouflage and much more.

Multiple use cases

There are a wide variety of use cases which MR technology can be applied to; some examples are highlighted below. However, the list is rapidly expanding beyond the JTAC use case - the initial focus of the Capability Proving phase.



Ground Based Air Defence




Landing Signals Officer


Address the lack of available assets

Joint fires operations are inherently challenging, and frequently dangerous. Training conducted in peacetime, with the associated peacetime risk appetite, is frequently limited, unrepresentative, and of extremely limited value.

Reduce Costs

HRI will enable a significant reduction in training expenditure by replacing lives assets with virtual assets, combined with constructive blue and red forces, and achieve this in a manner that improves training complexity and effectiveness.

Minimise Peace Time Restrictions

Most militaries employ a safe system of training, the result is a lack of Operationally credible scenarios being conducted day to day. HRI will enable Operational levels of risk to be trained and debriefed.

Contested Environment Availability

HRI will provide fully Contested, Degraded and Operationally relevant training. HRI order of battle is completely user extensible; users can create their own platforms, weapons, even radar systems (including beam/pulse/scan patterns).


Evolution of Simulation

Simulation is becoming an increasingly important technology to ensure that the UK military is trained and maintained at readiness. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality are useful for procedural training, however, it is emerging technology such as Mixed Reality that can have the greatest impact on operational preparedness - it is the latter that Project Hyper Real Immersion seeks to evidence.